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Referral and Case Management System.

Super Charged.

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i-Navigator is a complete community referral case management platform powered by our bespoke referral portal application. It provides connectivity across community referral networks, to drive measurable impact, and delivers data to bridge gaps in community care.

i-Navigator creates a local digital hub, to provide referrals to both physical and remote networks.

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How It Works

Create A FREE Account

Whether you are one person delivering a service in your community or a larger organisation, you will need to set up an account.


All we need is your name, the name of your organisation and your email address. You will then be asked to create a password.

Submit Your Listing

Now tell us about your service, organisation or yourself. You will be asked for information that will be displayed on our website. This includes the location(s), type of service you offer, opening hours and session information. This will allow people looking for help to filter and find the most appropriate service for them.

Submit Your Service

Get Approval 

When you have submitted your Listing, we will review and verify your information.

You will then receive an email to confirm that your Listing is live on our website.

You can UPGRADE at anytime to use all the features of the referral system

Upgrade Or Stick

Once you have set up your FREE account you can then explore all the features on offer by trying our trial versions. You can also upgrade at any time to a plan that suits your service or project. Not only can you choose your plan you can also choose how best to pay, via our simple payment option. 


No magic. Just cutting-edge tools.

Start your 30 day FREE Trial

Sign up by completing the form below.

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Goals and Plans

Allows Users to set manage and share goals and achievements

Case Managment

One source of truth. Notes, appointments, assessments, referrals & Messages.

Onward Referral

More support needed? you can refer on to other approved providers.

Support Directory

In-built DOS, full functionality for listing and managing community services

Community Forum

User can connect with other like minded people and create peer 2 peer support.


Our open source API will help connect other directories and CRMs removing silos of information

Business Intel 

Customisable dashboard collates data for KPIs

Location Check-in

Allow clients to share their check ins with you and help achieve their goals


Bespoke your content, surveys or questionnaires. Personalise your own interaction with your clients

Video Consult

Secure remote communication and appointments.

In-Store Help

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24/7 Support

Our exceptional customer service, is a major part of that 


100% customizable and flexible to fit any workflow

"Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour"

Walt Whitman

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All Videos

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Customer Usage 

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Alexa Young, CA

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Morgan James, NY

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Lisa Driver, MI

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Our Happy Clients

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Amanda Johns, COO, HORIZON

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